CC-Cluster Information

From the CC-Cluster Web Site:

Written in Visual Basic 
Runs under 32 bit Windows OS. Suggested OS at least Win2K or WinXP. 
Designed to never need to be shutdown. 
The program .exe as well as other cluster data files can be updated without even disconnecting the users. 
Requires no periodic maintenance to maintain performance. Its always at 100%. No more shutting down the cluster to purge and compact databases. 
Compatible with existing client software. 
Fast! Really Fast! No more slowdowns during contests. By far the fastest cluster package. 
You can filter DX Spots, Announcements and WX spots by country and state/province. 
You can lookup these DX Spots, Announcements and WX spots using the same filtering. 
The filtering actually works the way it is supposed to work. By that I mean when you set the spotter country to only pass "GI" you will not see spots from Italians. 
DX Spots give the Country, State/Province, CQ Zone, and ITU Zone for the spotter as well as the DX. Many spots have grid squares as well. Wrong data from other clusters is discarded. The country/state/province/zone/grid determination is done locally. 
No limitations on the number of users. 
Portable callsigns can connect without problems. 
Spots with an incoming hops count of H1 will not prevent identical spots with higher hop counts which arrive fractions of a second later from being sent out to connected nodes. 
Spots with blank callsigns for DX stations will not be sent out. 
Spots that are identical except for a frequency variation of 0.1 KHz will not be sent out. 
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Contesters and those that need to change filtering at different times . . . .
Each SSID above -15 is treated as a unique call. All anyone has to do is to setup the filters for each contest using a different SSID. -16 = CQ WW CW, -17 = CQ WW SSB, -18 = CQ WPX etc.  This will allow you to change the filters on the fly. During the day you could have world wide spots on 20 and up, or say just east coast.  At night when those bands are dead you could have east coast of NA spots.  Each user will want to tailor the setup for themselves.  With all the SSIDs available, it should be a simple matter to assign specific filtering for each contest and possibly for time of day.

CC-cluster use is enhanced by using AR-USER program which is FREE and can be downloaded at:  
Read the information and download AR-USER full version and also the latest AR-USER Update.  Install full version and then copy the single exe file you got from downloading the Update right over the one that was installed in your Program Files\AR-USER\  directory.

Most of the commands are the same as AR-Cluster, but the disadvantage right now is you don't get help messages.