Welcome to website of the 147.375 Mhz. repeater in Daytona Beach





Dirtbag Ridge Amateur radio Group

"DRAG" is a (growing) loose nit group of like-minded amateur radio operators who enjoy the hobby of Ham radio without having

 to be “politically correct” 100% of the time. There is more to Amateur Radio than nets, HIHI’s, and working all planets.

 Yet, when the going gets tough, we get going, just as the rest, and are just as “emergency” ready as anyone and do it

 for the good of mankind and not to boost our own egos or get headlines. There are no dues, no badges, no nets, no rules.

 But, the repeater is on a 60 KW generator and can run 24/7 during an emergency without normal electrical power right

 beside it's twin, the Daytona Beach SEDAN Node. A link to what it's all about http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Z9136_Nhh4


 Everyone is welcome to the .375 machine no matter how you talk, sound, or what kind of accent you have. You don’t have to sound

 like you have been an amateur radio operator all your life. The *only rule*, stay within the FCC rules.


 While there are many who listen to .375, there are far less that choose to talk on the repeater because of what someone might

 think of them hanging out with the dirtbags. But they sure thinks it’s entertaining!! We find great solace in that. Knowing that they would like

 to have the amount of fun we do, a good old “ragchew” without being perfect. But if you must, just sit there and listen. Only you know then.

 But if you want to call or ID on a repeater where someone will answer you, just dial up 147.375 (T 103.5) and ID. If someone is around, we WILL answer.


So for you "holier than now" operators out there that think there is only one way to act in this hobby (yours) have fun with that

 and allow the rest of us to enjoy the hobby as we see fit. Even if you don't agree with it. Turn the K-Nob if you don't like what you hear.

 After all, I think it's in the title. *AMATEUR* Radio, not Professional Radio. But if you would like to enjoy yourself also, *YOU* are also welcome here.

 *Everyone is.*


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