The Shack

Outside pics are available over a live extensive camera system with alarm and hidden DVR

 Two of the radios are connected to the N4ZKF packet BBS 24/7 using DRSI cards. ADI  AR-147 (145.05 MHz.) and a Yaesu FT-840. (14.098 MHz.)

One computer running a BPQ32 port for DXZKF DX Cluster (AR node connected with AX/IP port to the RF system). The other cluster ports
are telnet.  AR DX cluster node at & CC DX cluster node at port 7373

The IC-7800 & Acom 2000A amp, are a ton of fun along with the Icom 970H with 1.2 gig for FM, SSB and Satellite. Motorola GTX for 900Mhz.
The IC-7800 is hooked to a Heil PR 40 mic using W2IHY EQ Plus and W2IHY 8 band EQ boxes.

The two 17" Flat panels are running 4 computers using KVM switches to save space on the desk.  The big monitor is for the 7800 & BBS with a KVM also.
The other two monitors are for personal computer and Web/Email/FTP server. All keyboards and mice are cordless. They all
actually work without having issues with each other. 5 cordless mice and 4 cordless keyboards!

Antennas on tower one are Directive systems 25 El. 440, 12 El. 2 Meter, & Cushcraft A3S,
 40/80 Meter dipole and 2 WIFI panels to cover the property well.. Other antennas not shown.

 Tower two are Diamond F23A, Stacked 11 Element Cushcraft for 2 FM, 6 Meter 5 Element homebrew,
 900 Mhz omni side mounted., 80 Meter wire across my property and a NICE neighbor not shown.